Identify dinamic numbers in Chrome Extension

I have this screenshot in a random Chrome extension where numbers appear randomly .

When numbers are like 0.001, 0.006, 0.008, 0.001092 (format like 0.00XXXX) then go to actions that i programmed.
However when numbers are 0.02, 0.06, 0.4, 4.2 then it countinues waiting and checking until next number fits first condition (0.00XXXX).


I’m a newbie with Uipath and complex instructions i cannot interpret very well dealing with my spanish version of Uipath. This is the last step to finish my project and cannot find any guide on Youtube or faq.
Could you give me a image of how could be structured the flowchart in uipath workspace?

you can use the Get Text activity to get the value from that area, store it in a variable

then use a IFcondition to check if the text is as per your condition. StrYourText.StartsWith("0. 00")
In else, you can you can put your programmed workflow there.

If it is not satisfied then you can click on button that generates the next number there.

Hope your helps!

Hi, i tried to do this solution however does not recognice value in extension.

This is the space where dynamic numbers are showned.


This is the variable created with the name ‘value’ and the action Get Text

This is de conditional If. However the condicion was stored in Then condition (i tried in Else condition but didn’t work)

And finally the general scheme is like this.


Am i doing something wrong or just dynamic number are not assigned correctly?
I think an Else condition is to review again number and repeat If condition but i do not know how to program that.

Hope you could help me to find a mistake in my project. I am sorry if screenshots are in part in spanish.