Ideas for college project

Hi, I’m Divya Kulkarni a final year Bachelor of Computer Applications’ student . I would really appreciate getting some ideas for my end-sem project. I’m looking forward to work on RPA based projects .Thanks in advance.

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Hello Divya,

Good that you chosen the future of IT. Congrats and Good Luck for your RPA journey…
Regarding you Semester Project, I hope you have a community version of UiPath Software installed in your PC/Laptop. There are lot of sample project you can do. You can browse youtube for many projects. There you can find step by step understanding. You can create your project along and even you’ll get project files too in their URL in caption. And I can suggest you one simple example for your Semester Project. You create a instence in which the Bot gets the user input to search for a product in Flipkart/Amazon. And the Bot opens the browser and opens the specfic ecommerce portal and search for the product and get(Via Screen Scraper wizard) all the product details such as Name,price,specification etc., and put that in a excel(via datatable) and save it or send an email to you or your department HOD. :smile:



Thank you so much Sathanand. I will surely work on it . Yes, I do have a community version installed on my laptop.

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Welcome… Go ahead on that… And welcome to the Amazing UiPath Forum Community… :slight_smile:

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