Idea: Creating a Warning Flag on Activities when Options are Enabled

Installer(.exe or .msi): All

License type(Free, Trial/License code): All

Studio/Robot version: All

Current behavior:

The activities in UiPath do not have any indicator to warn users that a specific activity has been implemented by enabling a non-default option. If by any chance, a process owner in the future decides to delete such an activity and replace it with a new one, and then forget to enable the non-default option, it can lead to unexpected failures in an RPA process. These failures are hard to troubleshoot because the non-default options are hidden and/or subtle and have no visual warnings.


In this example, I had to exercise the WaitForVisible option due to the nature of the object the Robot is supposed to wait for. If I did not add this comment, there is no way we would know that this activity works best when the WaitForVisible option is applied.

Feature Request:
Would it be possible to have a visible icon on activities for which non-default options have been implemented?
Further, if someone attempts to delete such an activity, can a confirmation dialog be displayed warning the user to review the options before deleting the activity?


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Hi @AndyMenon

I would argue here that this should be part of your process documentation rather than directly in Studio. Together with annotations, it really shouldn’t be happening that often.

I wonder what other users thing about it :slight_smile:

Agreed. We musnt skimp on documentation. Creating it the first time around isn’t a problem. Diligence to keeping up with it however is sometimes fraught with inconsistencies.

I’ve missed things a few times, in the urgency of the situation and not because we didn’t want to document.


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