ID Selector always change

Hi people. I have a question about the how working with a selector where the id always change.

I’m working in a project where I need to fill a lot of tables in the same page. From example.
One page have 6 tables same’s, other page have 10 tables (With the same structuration and UI). My best idea is do this:

Use the activity Find Children for get all the tables, run a loop and fill each input with the Data (This data come from a excel file that get at the started of the process)

The problem is that this solution not is the best because the ID always change, I tried use other attributes but I can’t because exist a lot of tables so similar. What can I do for get a better solution?. I hope that the explication have be good

Hi @Dari

If the title of field is different, you can use anchor based activity. So it doesn’t dependent on only ID attribute.

can you share me a example?. I tried but maybe I did not use the activity properly put in the file side a find element that will be search for the name of the table and the right side put the find children for the DIV. :sweat_smile:

You can see the workaround of anchor based activity in the following UiPath sample

Use anchor based activity: To it’s left add Find Element, to it’s right add Type Into

For your reference:

Thank you for the information!. I use the anchor and work fine. :smiley:

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