ID releated


I signed up 15 days before and till now the ID not activated.
Suggest the way for the ID activation and wish to complete the training and certfication.

Please help.



Welcome to our uipath community.

You can contact Uipath support to resolve this issue.

Hi Lakshman,
I tried contacting them and does not help.
Can you help me a way forward to get my id and password for loggin in UIPATH academy.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @Pablito

Bro, I think you guys might wanna look at this query to give him access to Academy… :slight_smile:

Hi Lahiru,

Thanks for your support.

I have created a CASE (Case # 00384282) 06-Jan-2020 , i yet to receive on the response.

Can you help.



Hi @Shanmugam_Balamuruga,
I informed proper team. I will let you know if I will have any feedback :slight_smile:

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