Id conflicts with the Id of an existing relationship - Workbook, Write Cell


I am new to the forum so if I need some pointers on how to post questions please let me know.

I have a simple workflow that reads an excel worksheet into a datatable. Then I filter the datatable is I need then perform the actions without an issue. When the actions are complete I write the results to a cell in that workbook. All this works well except I have been getting the " Id conflicts with the Id of an existing relationship" error when I run and debug. It stops on the “Write Cell” activity where I am trying to write the results back to the worksheet.

I have searched for a long time for any documentation for this error and can’t find anything. Does anyone have insight on this error?

As far as I know, with my knowledge of Studio, I can’t change the Id property of the activity so how do I resolve this?

Thanks for any assistance.

@EldonF After Filter Datatable is Performed you get the Output as Datatable, What value are you passing to Write Cell Activity as it Accepts String argument. Can you Show the Screenshots of the Workflow?

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I can’t upload the full xaml but I can give you screenshot of the necessary elements. I am passing String types to all the correct locations. I am a pretty programmer so I understand the requirements for data type matching.

The “selectedFile” string variable is assigned in the “Select File” activity and is working fine. I can read all the variables from the sheet. I can only modify my document so much because it is a functioning template. I am trying to write back to the same row that I just read in from the sheet.

If you have any other questions let me know. I just switched all the variable definitions from the “+” type concatenation to a StringBuilder and that is working fine.

Thanks, E



@EldonF Can you tell us the flow of your Workflow ? If you can explain the Process in Steps, It will be helpful to Solve the Error, Also I don’t see a Screenshot of Filtering Datatable that you mentioned, and I haven’t noticed a Datatable variable :sweat_smile:

Thanks, I can’t give out too much information. I am really just looking to find where their would be documentation on this error. I prefer reading about the error since I have written frameworks and lambda before. I took a new approach and removed the datatable because it was such a memory hog because some of these spreadsheets can be quite large.