IBM Watson with Human validation for document understanding

Is Present validation works with custom OCR engine : I am working in one of the use case where i need to integrate the output of custom OCR Engine ( IBM Watson or inhouse OCR) and feed to Present Validation Station for Human validation Without using Document understanding framework or without any Uipath api’s used for extractor . Is it possible if yes let me know how to do it.

Hi @manishsoni0407

The Document understanding flow ie the activities are interrelated with one another, the output of one Activity is needed as the Input of other Activity, instead of using present validation you can try with Creating Form Action on Action Center.


Thanks Suraj, but i need to consume the extraction from IBM watson/custom OCR engine against the classification of the document , so that the user can review what is there in the document and extraction. is it feasible with action center and from ??

Yes, the classification of the document is feasible with Action Center.


Could you please let me know how to do it. As custom OCR engine gives me Json format extraction/string format extraction.