IBM Lotus mail activities

Hi Team,

am facing this error, can anyone guide me how to go further.


Hello @Sharanabasava,
Do you have Lotus Notes opened and your user logged in during performing this task? Lotus activities will work only on opened lotus. Additionally please check if password provided to activity is proper.
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Hi Pablito,

Yes it’s opened and given the password also

Can you show your attributes for this activity? Please remove sensitive data if there are any.

Hmm all seems to be fine. The error clearly says that there is a problem to access lotus database. If password is proper then look like problem is lotus related. Maybe try to experiment with other folders, without getting attachments etc. to check every possibility.

And one question I forgot. Which version of Lotus do you have?

IBM Notes 9
Release 9.0.1

problem with lotus related means, what’s need to do?
Any suggestions

Sometimes simply things can be the solution. Maybe try to restart everything and make new workflow with only this activity and see if problem will be still.

i’m tried by doing restart IBM Lotus,but still facing same issue.

Please check also if problem is occurring when you are trying to work with other folders (not inbox).

Yes am getting same error with different folder