IBM Guardium to measure DAM for Uipath DB

Dear Mentors

am new to Uipath. My organisation has strict governance to measure Uipath’s database activity using IBM Guardium. Kindly help to share your experience on policies adopted, identified sensitive data like table and column , any sensitive access , encrypted methods, authorised accounts to monitor, alert rules?

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hi @Pupil
Basically its depending on how your infrastructure going on ,
If they wanna check the activity using IBM Guardium so no issue let them to monitor
meanwhile you can check your DB security as below
Go through below link and check whether if you making best practices and do the changes accordingly

as if they(governance team) wanna security about application refer below

in addition if you have DB access, go to XEvent Profiler and using Standard and TSQL you can monitor your DB query over view on live :sunglasses: