IBM Cognos Controller - Unable to identify PopUp window

Hi All,
We are doing some automation which involves IBM Cognos controller, this automation is performed inside a VDI, when the VDI is open and logged in manually, the bot runs fine.

However when the bot is triggered via orchestrator, it fails to identify the popup window as shown below:

  • Step1, bot clicks the “…” button and the window opens.

  • Step2, Attach window to proceed further, however the bot fails to attach the window here.

The automation is perfect when its run manually vai studio, however the bot fails to attach window when its run via Orchestrator.

Can anyone suggest proper documentation of running the bot via orchestrator to login to VDI, appreciate your help.


Attach window activity will work on this but we need to ensure that dynamic attribute values is replaced with wildcards *
Instead of attach window activity did we try with GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY and place same sequence of activities that we have now inside the attach window activity

Cheers @ANSHUL

Thanks @Palaniyappan for your reply, the popup window is a Java window, and it fails to activate that window, any other suggestion ?

i also noted this, its a Java Popup.


So is java extension installed

Cheers @ANSHUL