IBAN checker


I would like to create an IBAN checker as part of a wokflow, to introduce an IBAN number and check wether this number is correct or not, following the general algorithm to do this.

I would like to know how can I code the algorithm inside of a workflow.

Is there any activity that allows this?


Is you algorith similar to below code? Then yes you can accomplish it using flow chart / if else / switch activities

you also might need Regex,Substring.


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You may create one workflow to validate IBAN. Using arguments, you may reuse (invoke) this workflow wherever you need.
Or, you may build your own library with all kind of validators, create your “ValidationActivities”-like package with NuGet, then import it in UiPath Studio.

Good luck!

As I was in need for this I created a snippet as a lib with source:

Simply string in with IBAN, it calcs the checksums and gives back True or False.