Iamge not available



When I try to open the sample workflows provided by UI Path, images are lost (ie Image not available message), what is the reason and how to solve this ?


Hi @skini76,

In Project Folder one hidden folder called .screenshots there all the images will store.
i think you lost that folder so you cant see the images.



Hello there,
Those are just an informative screen shot for the developer/user.
Hence nothing to do with workflow.You can still run fluently unless its image automation.


No, the folder is present, there are many images so I cannot make out which is the image related to the action.


No, the workflow cannot run without image, generates an error



So you cant get see the images, without images also you can run the process.



No it is generating error / my question is why it says image is not available ?Untitled


Hi @skini76,

This is selector issue. check the selector.



Hello there,
Its selector issue. Workflow can be executed if your able to find reliable selector.
Take a look here to understand how selector works and how to handle dynamic attribute.

For in depth knowledge with example I encourage you to take up the UiPath Academy training.
It’s free though :slight_smile: