IA center Labelling Data

Hello All,

I want to create my model with IA center to extrat data from multiple pdf files
then i created labelling data ,when i select the value it is not puted it in the field
what is the wrong here?

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Hi @nora_ziani ,

Have you Checked the Below Document for Labelling fields ?

Let us know if you still need help.

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Thank you for the link i have th same problem iam unable to get the value when i click on pdf and at left on that letter
the link show we need ctrl+shift it is not working for me

unable to get data that i select in that fields

@nora_ziani , Are you not able to select any of the values or Are you able to Select some values ? Note that after you have selected and marked for a Field, it changes it’s color.

Generally, if you are not able to even select the value with a mouse, it would mean the text is not recognised by the OCR itself.

From the image above, I think 2 Of 2 is recognised by the OCR as it has a Block around it. Are you not able to Select it as well ?

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i USED AN EXISTING MODEL NOW am starting to create my own fields but still unable to get value by selection
can you tell me how you select the fields please


here the configuration of OCR my be problem here



I am able to do the selection i n pdf file but still not dooing mapping with the value at right with regular fields that i created

i did not understand why , please if you know the response

Hi @nora_ziani,

This reason is a little difficult to understand here, but you can test it by changing the OCR selector you use.

Also, have you had a chance to take a look at the uipath academy tutorial? You can go through the steps you followed.


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thank you for the response
I try this link but i’am unable to see the courses it gives me cotnact administrator

Can you try this.

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i READ ALL THIS ,but there is not there how to create session for data labeling with training the documents

I see all steps , can you precise me where i change OCR , (iN URL ?)
thank you lot