I would like to request assistance on the consistency of activity 'Check App State'

Hi! I am facing inconsistencies when trying to use ‘Check App State’ to ensure the listing in SAP has finished generating before executing other activities.

The attached image is the most common issue I have encountered:

I have tried both wait for ‘Appear’ and ‘Disappear’ clauses but still seem to encounter this error. Would greatly appreciate any advice on this, thanks!

Hi @itsmeericchong
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It is type into activity throws this error.specified uielement is not present

Yep I have set delays to wait for the generated listing to appear. However the bot will skip that activity and try to continue the workflow before the listing is fully generated.

For example, the both uses keyboard shortcut SHIFT + F4 which initiates saving the listing as spreadsheet, and the error appears when the both is unable to type into the export window as the listing is still generating. Hope this clarifies it further.