I would like to know how to check if math.Round(temData.AsEnumerable(). Average(Function(row) CInt(row (staffName))),1) have no element

i have try using is nothing / (the item above).toString.equals("")
it still not working how should i do to check if it has no element


Could you show the full query?.

the full query is
math.Round(temData.AsEnumerable(). Average(Function(row) CInt(row(staffName))),1).ToString.Equals("")

temData is a table
and staffName is the column name


Think the column eleven has no values to do a average.


temData.AsEnumerable(). Any(Function(row) not row(staffName).tostring.trim.equals(""))

We have to be sure that atleast one cell should not be empty


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i think it works thank you so much !

@GUANG_YONG_TEH awesome, please mark my thread as solution so it may usefull to others in the future.


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