I want to use send hotkey for left click

I want to use send hotkey for left click
can anyone tell me the hotkey for this

Hi @kailas_jadhav , is there a reason you are going for a workaround? The first option I would chose would be the Click Activity. Does this not work for you?

yes not working sir
i am selecting proper image to click but it showing that image not found

Ah I see, I think you are using the “Click Image”-Activity. Can you try it with this Activity?


We can use enter key which is same as left click in a mouse
So use enter key with send hot key activity for left side click

But usually CLICK activity will do left click only

If click activity is not working then try with CLICK IMAGE activity if being an image

Cheers @kailas_jadhav


Click has an optional modifier for middle/rightclick as well though, and indeed should work on any UIElement, as long as you can describe the selector.

If you need to click on a specific location on the image you can also play with the cursor location: