I want to try RPA challenge using Reframework while Dispatcher Intergrated in Performer

Hi Team,

I have done RPA challenge using Ref Template, but I want to try when dispatcher is intergrated in performer in the REF. Can anyone help me how to deal with that? Thanks!


so you want to make the process within a REFramework template? using both dispatcher and performer in the template? or you want separated process?

@fernando_zuluaga Yes, within RE framework. I do not want separated process

Well, Basically in the init all applications you will create the dispatcher process and upload data to the queue and then make the performer process as normal in the process workflow



To be more specific …do the dispatcher prt in the initialization state of the re framework…

And in initialization you have an if condition of first run…inside that is where you will place your dispatcher code so that it runs only once per run

This can also be acheived by adding a if condition in get transaction data with in_transactionnumber=1 and on the then side give the steps for dispatcher

Both would work the same way

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G and @fernando_zuluaga

Yes, I was able to integrate the dispatcher into the main process using switch activity and it’s worked fine. Thanks, guys, for your perspective. That was very helpful.


Glad to help, remember to close the topic marking as solution


@fernando_zuluaga thank you so much for the help. I marked @Anil_G description as a solution since the steps I followed looked like that and it worked.

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