I want to take process handover(KT) from other developer that was in under development. to continue the development from there

what are main points we should take from other developer. if we are taking handover of any process that was in under development. if i want to continue the development there.

Hi @shaikjani

You should look for the following…

  • certain standards he was following for development. If the company has a standardized way of designing workflows it would be easier
  • source control credentials and links so you can access the code
  • any technical documents that he has related to the process and solution
  • get a knowledge transfer session done with him/her and understand how he has followed or designed the workflows based on the solution design document
  • In the work breakdown, what parts are already complete and partially complete
  • what parts are left to be developed
  • get an understanding on the process that is being automated as well.

Having these stuff done would give you an easy start :slight_smile:


Thank you for your information.

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