I want to take date as 1 instead of 01 please help

when i am taking date in assign im getting date as 01 , 02 etc. but i want the date to be 1 ,2 etc. please suggest

No worries
From where value is assigned buddy in the assign activity
Kindly elaborate that
Cheers @keTan

There a multiple formats you can use for datetime variables and you can set your own pretty easily as well:

The value is taken as a date of yesterday and that date is supposed to be taken in single digit

not working bro

in this i do not want month n year just date and as single digit

Are you using a datetime variable? This will give a string of that format I think you want? ToString(“d/MM/yy”)

Maybe give us an example

i did my friend but still date is in format 02/07/2019 i want 2/07/2019

Fine if we are getting from datetime variable

Cheers @keTan

Are you sure you implemented it correctly? Works for me

i am trying but no results

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Can you share your workflow?

If possible can we have a view on the xaml a screenshot
Cheers @keTan

with dd its showing 01 with d its showing 01/02/2019 full date

Oh you want just the day! Try this: system.DateTime.Now.Day.ToString

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this is it have a look

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Fine it should be like this
it worked buddy

Cheers @keTan

System.DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1).Day.ToString This is all you need

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