I want to start Uipath robot through javascript.please suggest the way

Hi ,I am stuck at calling uipath XAML on html button click.i am calling javascript function on button click in which robot is expected to start with command line parameters.please suggest the way.how can I start uipath robot with the javascript code?

Do you have orchestrator? I suspect you’d be able to do it using the API - About OData and References

thank you so much for instant reply.yeah I am following web API approach to start the job .it has 2 parameters (json) while requesting and one json as respond.
this end point takes robot id ,release key parameters .please help me in getting robot id.and also confirm whether release key is machine key?

Hello Pooja,
If you want to start a local Process you have this movie:

and for Orchestrator Process you have this movie:

Cristian Negulescu