I want to split these all data in to several column because it is in one column , my data is like given below


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Can you share a sample Input file?


My Input is from RDP application where I use screen scraping because data scraping is not workin and I converted that screen scrap data into data table by using genrate data table activity and after that I write in to excel sheet but problem is that write range write the data in 0ne column only and in input data we have 13 column, I hope now it is clear.

Anyone plese hel me on this problem, thanks in advance

can you show what your generate datatable activity options are?

Hi @Kundan_Kumar2 ,

Your data has a predictable and fixed pattern. At least that is how it appears from the screen shot.

There are Three ways you can approach this.


You can use the split function to split each row on the blank space.
The issue with this approach is that Description & Subscriber columns will get split into individual segments because they have blank spaces.

“ROAM LIKE HOME - U.S.” will get split into {“ROAM”, “LIKE”, “HOME”, “-”, “U.S.”}

But this may not be a big problem, because you can later use the Join function to join these array elements separated by a blank space.


The other approach is to use the Substring function to read each column from a single line based on the length of each colum.

For Example:
RLHUCO will be the first 5 characters


“ROAM LIKE HOME - U.S.” will start from position 6, all the way to position 22 .


This will include the leading Blank spaces , but you can use the Trim function to eliminate the leading spaces.

Similarly, you can come up with the logic to read all the other columns of your row and repeat this down on all the rows of your data set.


This approach will depend on whether or not you have information on the schema of where this data originated from.
Say that the data came from a database table. In that case, the length of the columns will be fixed to a certain length.
Example: Column 1 may have data that is 5 characters in length, but its column length may be 10 characters. In which case, you can straight away read the first 10 characters using substring.

I hope one of these approaches works for you.