I want to speed up the [flow decision]

The flow decision performs the task quickly when the result value is [true].
However, if the result value is [false], wait for about 30 seconds to perform the next action.

I hope. If the result value is [false], perform the next action quickly without waiting for a long time.
Is there a way to control the time when the result value is false?

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your description is very generic and is exposing just a little level of details.

However, it has some triggers that maybe UiAutomation actions are involved. e.g Element exists…

In such a case, setting / controlling the timeout parameter can do some speedup as the typically 30sec is the default timeout

Maybe you can share some more details with us


Thank you.
My country has few users who use uipath
I’m studying this program
There are many errors.

I got a lot of help from your reply.

May we ask you, from where you are?

Be invited and share your questions with us here in the forum

Also take note on this program