I want to share attachment through whatsapp application

Hello, I have installed whatsapp application and using whatsapp we want to send attachments but while we clicking on attachment :link: and click on file option so that time the file option is not indicating instead of whole portion is indicated. Please refer below screenshot.
Screenshot (339)
My purpose is to send attachment through whatsapp so how it’s possible?

Hi @Neha_Upase,

Have you tried to use a different UI Framework by pressing “F4” when indicating an element?
The options are Default, AA and UIA.

Also you could try experiment with the Visual Tree inside of UiExplorer.


Navigate down to the highlighted element.
Here you can expand and try to select other elements, enable the highlight(red arrow):


Thanks for the reply, I tried this but UI element no longer valid and tried multiple combinations in UI explorer as well