I want to separate these 3 sentences. Please help me. Thanks in advance


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You can just use lefr right function just pass the index that you want to get @mohammed_zain

see this link for your reference.

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which 3 sentenses?
If You want string manipulation u can use as @pattyricarte gives above

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Name which is in English and Arabic and Number also.

Mohammed Zain

Is there any specific separator between them?

No just remove “- and _” . Read Separately.


So first use
Variable.split("-“c)(0)-----> Output RAQIB
Then Variable.Split(”_"c)(1)----> output زين

for middle
Variable.Split({“-”},StringSplitOption.None)(1).Trim.split({“_”},StringSplitOption.None)(0).trim-------------------> Output 4

Thanks Bro,
What is the use of c ("-"c). In this

Thanks once again.

we split by using Character “-” and c here means Character

what scope should i have to put in variable for this.


For this


Hi @mohammed_zain,

Use can achieve that by using substring, check below
var = “RAQIB-4_زين”
var.Substring(0,var.IndexOf(“-”)).ToString - RAQIB
var.Substring(var.IndexOf(“-”)+1,var.IndexOf(““)-1-var.IndexOf(”-“)).ToString - 4
”)+1, (var.Length-1)-var.IndexOf(“_”)).ToString - زين

It is throwing an exception as var is not declared.


You have to create a variable as var and assign your string to that var then try it

ok bro i will try.


Variable will contains your string

“String split option is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level”. Throwing as exception.

Mohammed Zain

Send me that screenshot
Of Your variable and assign