I want to send report file after process completion. it's work properly but in email subject it send the mail path also. How can I remove only email path from subject?



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I guess you are passing mail path also along with the subject here. Can you please remove that path and then check once.

If possible can you please share the subject you are passing here.

@prashant1603765 Make sure your mail subject does not contains any path . Your mail subject format should look like below

“Check-out Document Revision- process”

it’s not working

Please check my code.

Remove → “Config.Item(“ProcessRootFolderPath”).ToString.Trim”
and run again. You will be good.


Are you getting subject from Read Text file activity ?

Can you please show me the exact value you are passing to the Subject. So that we can check and help you.


You should pass subject value as below.

  Config.Item("SuccessSubject").ToString.Trim+" - Process Completed"

From where -

  1. Read text file or
  2. Import argument ?

Thanks @lakshman now it’s working properly.:+1:

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