I Want to see the python output in UiPath

I am inserting a csv into a MySQL Base via python and I am facing an error : “Pipe is Broken”.
To investigate this problem, I would like to see the logs in python.
Is there a way to do that?

you can let uipath call python from a bat file and the logs will print out in the command prompt screen

the bat file would look something like this (Add cmd /k so that bat file remains open after script done executing)

python xxxx.py
cmd /k

then use start process activity to execute the bat file,

you can also take a look at this thread

Hello @Souza_Vitor ,

Have you executed this python script in an IDE before using in UiPath? Is there any issue with the Python script? If you haven’t tested the Python script, suggesting to check that first and integrate with UiPath.

Also if you want to get the log message, maybe you can use the steps within python script itself. That is use a Try catch and write the exception to a log file.