I want to run the process Parallelly

Hi All,

I create one process which follows following steps:-

1- Get the credentials from orchestrator.
2- Login on to the webmail account using Get Imap Mail Message.
3- Read the 24Hrs Mails. If mail contains Resume as attachment then download it to the particular folder.

For above process Bot took 5 minutes for 1 credentials, We have 350-400 credentials. How can I reduce the time?

Or can I run it parallelly?
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Ok, I’m not an expert, but I know that Getting Mail Messages will take a few minutes - I don’t know if you can speed that up.

You might consider using Queues, to process all the emails from multiple robots. Like, if 1 item takes 5mins, and you have 10 robots being used to process each item, it should take 1 hour to do 120 items - which isn’t bad.