I want to replace Excel modern activities with workbook activities

I don’t have ms package on main server. So I want to replace excel activities with workbook activities. We will be accessing/updating excel from common server where we have access to Excel to read/write.

Process -
We create an Excel sheet at the start of every month such as Success_October/ Success_November.

There are two scenarios

  1. Success
  2. Failure

Flow is same for both Success and Failure depending on the scenario, it will log accordingly.

With get workbook sheets, will check if sheet is available for current month.

If sheet is available it will write in that sheet for that particular month.

Else, it will create a new sheet for current month and continue add data.

So I want to replace modern activities for this condition with “Workbook” activities. It should properly append.

Below is the example of Excel sheets

If there is any confusion please let me know.


Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

Could you maybe check with the below post :

Try this

we do understand, that you are looking for an alternate flow which is using NON-Excel related Activities e.g.Workbook Activities

We recommend to check which activities are involved and check for this replacements

Any other activities used and to replace?

I will check and let you know.


Definitely will check and let you know.

Ok, sure will do and let you know.

How replace excel application scope with write range workbook in this case.

Can you tell me how can I replace modern activities to classic workbook and use append also. Because I tried doing it, the problem was when it came to create new sheet no headers were there.

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

You should be able to perform it using Append Range Workbook activity.

For more clear suggestions, would ask you to provide us with a Sample and Expected Output.

This is the output

hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar
If you want to switch from modern design experience to classic click on activities choose filter option and enable this classic.


Then you can search for workbook in activities panel you will get all the activities you can use it according to your requirement

I actually want the flow, Instead of modern workflow. Will you be able to share

share me your flow xaml file if you can will send you .

Hi, I cannot share xaml but I have shared the screenshots above.
If any doubt just let me know.

With classic I have problems with append.

can you share me the excel file you are referring atleast will create a flow and send you the solution

Actually the scenario is we don’t have excel on server. So we need an alternative to excel. For eg. LibreOffice or other software or a way to store data as pdf. Docx.

Just to explain scenario. We have 2 scenarios
Success & Failure

Depending on condition msg will log into the sheet. A new sheet will be created every month and it will log into that specific for a particular month.

If success

So do you have any alternative for excel using this same logic.

we had foreseen this when selecting the options

Ok, will workbook activities work for libre?

from your title and

We understood that you want to work with Excel files and workbook activities, right?

lets differentiate between Applications and document formats