I want to read the yesterday data from master file which is in .xaml format can anyone help me on it

I want to read yesterday data from my master file which is in .xaml format

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Can you tell us what is the issue. I don’t understand your problem.

If it is an Excel file You can Use read range activity and read the data in the file

If you need Yesterday date try with this expression



Yeah i tried it but it’s not working I will explain you my senario
Id. Date email. Status

  1. 11/11. X@mail. Pending
  2. 02/12. X@mail pending
  3. 01/12. X@gmail pending

In this scenario i have to pick the 01/12 day i.e yesterday data and i ahave to use it in my process

And. I have to use the that column data

I assume that it is an excel file

If yes, try with the below expression in the if activity





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Can I use the excel row header instead of “01/12”
Because I need to run the process daily like tommorow ineed to process today i need yesterday’s data so i need to give it dynamically

Hi @Tea_coffie_235

The above expression will check the yesterday date in the column.


This expression will check every column in the excel file if the condition meet it will go to the Then part.

It will work as dynamically. have you tried with this expression?


String not valid as a datetime error showing

Hi @Tea_coffie_235

Can you share the sample excel file

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Please share a sample Excel file and the required output to get a better understanding.


I have attached a sample data please help on it

Hey iam new to forum it’s saying new users can’t upload file can you share you mail so that i can forward it to you

HI @Tea_coffie_235

Inside the For each row in data table activity

Use Log message / Write Line activity

Pass the CurrentRow("ColumnName").Tostring and share the format of the Date.

Check out the Image


I have tried that only i am but it’s not working

Need the format of the Date. So that we can pass in the expression based on date format @Tea_coffie_235


You can put the excel file in Google sheet and share the link

Share the Date format of the excel file

Hi @Tea_coffie_235

Try with this expression