I want to Read PDF Invoices and add the data to a Text File

I am using ReFramework that will read PDF invoices and store their data inside Text file, My question is that does “Write Text File” activity creates a new file, or that file should pre-exist. I want to create a New file every time a new PDF is read (a new Transaction item). The text files do not exists and save the workflow should save them according to the invoice name.

Ya write text file will create the text if it is not existed @chauhan.rachita30


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Its giving me an error:

I am giving this to Write Text File activity: Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, “\Data\Temp” + in_TransactionItem + “.txt”)

Hi @chauhan.rachita30 what error is being thrown ?

It just throws an error without details.

Can u share the screenshot ?

@chauhan.rachita30 Have you tested to remove the backslashes and add commas instead? Path.Combine() will add the necessary backslashes so there’s no need to specify them.

Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, "Data", "Temp" + in_TransactionItem + ".txt")

If in_TrasactionItem is “1234” and the CurrentDirectory is “C:\Windows” the above code will give you “C:\Windows\Data\Temp1234.txt”

Thanks will try it.