I want to put two situations in "if activity" when I do sns interlocking login

ex) facebook login click

  1. If you need to type your ID and password because the login pop-up window pops up
  2. Cookie remains and logs in immediately

so, When the login pop-up appears, I will create a path to enter the ID and password, and if I log in immediately, I want to create the next path. Is it possible using “if activity”? Or someone who knows another way??.

Hi @S_Sim ,

Steps to achieve this

1 open login page
2 use element exist to check Is login popup
3 if yes then use get text to check username have some value in it or not if it is auto filled then click signin button else enter username and password.


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click sns login, The situation is divided into two parts.

  1. open login pop-up → enter id & password → click login complete button → complete login → next activity

  2. auto complete login(Session Remaining State) → next activity

I want to set the route differently depending on the two circumstances, is it possible?
Can you route both situations, like “if” and move differently depending on the situation?

(if) open login popup (then) enter id & password text - click login button
(else) next activity

I don’t know if you understand my translation.

Point 1 I understood.

You can use element exist in the beginning if landing page is already login then no need to login through popup.

For more clarity please share screenshot for second step.

I complete
thank you element exist solution

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