I want to put current date "without weekday"

Hello, I am using “datetime.now.ToLongDateString” command to show current date & Message box showing “Tuesday, 3rd August 2021”. How can I remove “Tuesday” from this output & rest will remain same.
Please share your valuables suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sojol_Hamid ,

Try to convert it to date only.

datetime.now.ToString(“dd MMM yyyy”)

You can pass any format.

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Hi @Sojol_Hamid

you can try with.

Now.ToString("dd MMM yyyy")


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Excellent. it works. but is it possible to write in “3rd August” instead of “03 August”? 3rd 4th 5th instead of plain numbers.

Not sure on this.

one of many options:

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