I want to print log message of queue item's value

I created queue with Orchestrator, Queue name is “Queue_Test”. and i make workflow like this.

In the Add Queue Item Activity, 4 Arguments are saved,(argument name are red, yellow, green, blue)
The problem is printing log message. I want to print 4 arguments’ values, So used For each Activity,
However I have no idea how to write Message of log Message Activity for printing 4 Arguments’ valuesfor_each
ps. color is variable and its type is IEnumerable, also For Each Activity’s typeArgument was changed to UIPath.Core.QueueItem.

can you share your xaml.? Let me have a look and get back with a solution :slight_smile:

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oh, i already solved it!! I found that my friend also using same queue in the same time. so I guess there were a conflict. I removed queue and created the queue again, That is very successful. anyway I’m so pleasured that your interest in my problem. Thank you so much!!:blush::blush: