I want to paste array values in different cells of excel

i have an array like this {10, 45, 65 ,64, 77,898}
i want paste that values in excel for the cells
A6 —> 10
B5 —> 45
D7 —> 65
E5 ----> 64
F8 ---->77

can anyone help


Refer the attached workflow, (change the excel file name and use it). It has code for A6 and B5 cells, rest you can build the same way.

But the solution looks very static, do you want to write the values all the times to the same cells?Main.xaml (6.3 KB)


  1. store cell number and values in 2 different arrays in same order u want to insert.
  2. use while, inside it take write cell activity cell number give cell number array and in value field give values array, each time loop runs values will be stored at respective cells.

Hi manju,

thanks for the answer. Iam getting 5 different values to a variable(actual_Value) from msg box,… i need to get those 5 values to an array… can you help me

@Suman1 use add to collection activity, it stores all values in it and then u convert that collection to array or u can use that collection directly