I want to map the excel data to web page dynamically (General utility can be reused for multiple web pages)

Can some please help me to create general utility ,with that i can dynamically get the data from excel file and paste it in the web page.It should work irrespective of web page and no. of selectors in that page.Can some one please guide me in this to create general type of utility that can be reusable.

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@ddpadil can you please help on this topic.

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You can use a very generic selector that will match all input fields in the web page and the IDX property with incremental values to paste values in input fields. IDX=“1” means to use the first element that matches the selector. IDX=“2” means to use second element, and so on.
See attached example that loops 7 times a Type Into activity to put different values in the 7 controls on http://www.rpachallenge.com/. You can remove the Title selector, to make it work on other web pages, and use a try-catch to know when you are out of input field on page and stop.
Main.xaml (6.5 KB)

Thanks lot for your reply @Silviu