I want to loop only one row from excel in flowchart is there any way I can do that just passing number to iterate?

Lets say I want to run one row from excel , so I want to run passing the value from excel lets say I passed value count = 5 that specific row should run 5 times in flowchart

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hi, @Bhushan

You can create a flow that looks like

  1. initiate a variable to i = zero
  2. give a flow condition with i < excel value (say the count you are pssing)
  3. if true , increment it by 1 (i = i+1) - perform the operation and go back 2 step 2
  4. if false , then come out of it
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Thankyou for your answer,
can you show with a ss

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Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Please check the below ss:



Thankyou so much for your help

What if want to pass value as 5 from excel and iterate it a particular sequence in flowchart how will do that any help in this.

Below is my sequence I only want to run create to return to write in excel can lets say for 5 times which Im passing through excel so can you help me with this?


And I want to pass looping value from excel such as below. I want to use this value to loop in my flowchart

Hi , Use read cell activity and read the particular value to a variable. i .e Excelcount
Do this as first step after start

  1. Use this value in the flow condition , lets say i < ExcelCount.
    2.Paste your complete sequence in the perform excel operations,

Thankyou for your answer. Can you share a ss of flow. Sorry to bother you Im very new to this. So Im asking thankyou for your time.

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Do you have any idea on “repeat number of times activity”, how can we use it on our flowchart


You cannot use it in flowchart But you can create a flowchart inside of it sequence like below :slight_smile:

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Thankyou so much for your time. This really helped and one more what if loop specific sequence a few times using the count from excel how can we do that

Please check the below two

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Thankyou so much.

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