I want to know why get attribute is not working right :/

I have to download ean codes and paste them into the allegro then open the first link and download url and append it into outside file. I hope it’s understandable. ean testy.xaml (14.8 KB)
kody ean.xlsx (9.4 KB)

I have replicated the XAML you have sent at my end and its working fine.
I have verified the output of get attribute Activity and it giving proper output.
Could you please explain us what issue your facing?

It should get ean, paste them into the allegro and then copy url and append to the outside file. Url not eans :confused:
i dont know how to explain this properly

@Akeno attached file will store url in the sheet name called urlsheet in kody ean excel file

ean testy.xaml (16.2 KB)

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now write cell isn’t working :confused: should i change smth in the write cell?

close excel sheet and run

its closed but when i run it , it opens again i dont think its because of excel :confused:

@Akeno this attached zip file is working fine for me please check it

url.zip (11.4 KB)

1st i cant find the kody ean (1)
2nd you sure there should be links from allegro? im trying to get the link by using eans?
then when i found kody ean (1) showed up same problem with cell