I want to know the way to retry when if Getting IMAP mail message activity is error cause of mail server


I am making a process waiting an email with specific conditions.
I am receiving mails from NAVER(Korean mail server.)

It work well almost time but one or two times in a day
it stop with error massage about Getting IMAP tls problem…

After this error I restart pocess and it works well.
Maybe that is NAVER server’s problem.

I’m looking for the way not to breaking process although this error.

I think if there is the way retry Get IMAP Mail activity when an error occurs
like click activity’s continue on error, it can be an answer.
But Get IMAP activity doesn’t have that option.

So is there any way activities without countinue on error option
can continue on error?

Other wise the way to check an activity occur errors or not
like element exists activity.

Thanks for reading this!


Keep Get IMAP Mail Message activity inside Retry Scope activity and mention NumberOfRetries and RetryInterval

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Ah!!! I got it!!

Thanks so much!!!

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