I want to get text from website?

I want to get text, but when I use screen scraping, it also fetches advertisement text and also some extra things…
What should I do?
Thanks in advance

You can try scraping the only window you need, if that’s possible in your website. Mostly it’s possible to select an area in a window. Once you scrape, try with different scrape method. Use native and select the checkbox “Keep formating”. That will help you to understand better on how can you remove the unwanted data.

Else once the data is scraped, you can use string manipulation to remove the unwanted parts.

As you mentioned there are ads as well, then you can consider using any anchor text that can help you to identify these sentences are from ads and you can remove them.

Also, if your data is structured then you can consider using Data Scraping, that will ensure to extract only the data you need, just you will need to select the two similar elements from your desired data to create the metadata to extract