I want to find my name in excel tables sorted by date

Hi everybody,
I am a research fellow, in every exam calendar, I receive an excel file containing all course names, dates, and classroom names, there are nearly 250 exams, 30 people and lots of different dates. I find my name from that table and make myself a list with paper and pen by hand.
My question is how could UIPath help me to find only my name and my exam duties, extract them (rows)
Thank you very much.

Why can’t you just use Excel to do that? A basic filter would do the trick.

@Mehmet_Solak you can make it by filtering it.use excel application scope for path and read range activity to read and it give you the output as data table and use assign activity under read range,in the value place gave as "outputDT.select("name=‘Mehemet solak’ ").copy to datatable and assign this value to a variable in to place holder.

Tnak you Venkatmalla6. I will try.