I want to extract each row taxid one by one and type into vendor taxid field

In one page i have a table with tax id’s column.I want to extract tax id’s from that table.Then open another page and type that extracted each tax id.

Please guide if anyone knows?


@SUPRIYA123 Use data Scrapping method.

i did but i need each row text from that datatable to enter into text field in another page.

Now all the rows data i sentering at single time.but i need one by one row data to enter.

how can we do that.

@SUPRIYA123 After scraping data result will be stored in datatable. Use For each row and iterate one by one

i used for each row but not able to enter tax id in field

@SUPRIYA123 can u share your xaml file?

please find xaml file.

System1_SearchEachTaxID.xaml (18.4 KB)

here all rows data is entering in field instead of first row data

@SUPRIYA123 Might be problem in datascrapping only do data scrapping once again

done datascraping again.same output is coming

I need each row single column data row by row from table & need to type into field in another page.how can we do that

@SUPRIYA123 In Typeinto activity you have given “stringextract” instead of it Give row(0).ToString it will work

ya if we give like that first value it is taking.like that it should repeat for all the rows

@SUPRIYA123 It will repeat, Please use navigate to activity at the end for each datarow activity

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got it.thanks

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