I want to delete the process

i want to delete process in uipath assistant
but i cant delete with
‘This process cannot be modified at this time because there is an active task associated with it.’
help me please

@user118 I think you first need to delete the Trigger which is associated with it.

i think so but i cant find it

Can you please go on orchestrator and on the folder level you will find the triggers tab.
Please delete the triggers from that tab.

mt orchestrator dont have triggers


Have a view on this


Hi @user118 ,
Go to Automation Menu → Jobs pls stop any process is running or stopping or pending stage. and check in the trigger tab also. Then try to delete the process


i cant do it

Filter only pending,running,stopping status and kill the job and try again


i try it but
the result is the same

Hey @user118 , Can you please filter the Jobs as suggested by @arivu96.

Also send us the screenshot after filter.

You are checking it for only last day please increase the filter criteria to this month then try. @user118

Change the interval to ALL and do the filter again.



i got it thank you

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