I want to Decrease Activity Finder Speed

i want to Decrease Activity Finder Speed

For example, when the ui element specified in the click activity does not appear, I want to shorten the waiting time until an error occurs. Because the main task is that the click pop-up window appears once in a while. So I’m trying to skip the click activity, but it’s too slow to get an error.

I already checked continue on error.
want to shorten the waiting time, but I can’t find it in the properties.

plz help

Hello @sssim4567,

I don´t know if you can reduce the default time of the activities, but you could try and use the parallel activity, since here it will take the one that is faster.

So if no pop-up activates it will take the other path in the parallel.

Edit: It does both things of course, but if it doesn´t find a element in one branch it may still be faster with this method

Kind Regards

Thank you for answer.
i still have problems
Before the activity is declared an error, the speed still hasn’t fast, which causes a delay. I want to make the speed fast until error detection. Parallel did not solve the problem

I want to shorten the time until it turns out to be an error and the activity is skipped

Hello @sssim4567,

you can reduce the time (but it will be for all activities, so use with caution) here:


Maybe that will help you, or give you the options you hoped for?

Kind Regards

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