I want to create a table without using Excel

I want to create a table in each time I will get some details from email i want to atomatically fill the detail in the particular column in the table …and i cant create the table in excel is there any other possibility

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Try creating HTML Table

Once getting the detail we can assign it to a datatable created via BUILD DATATABLE Activity
Either using assign activity or add data row activity along ArrayRow property with {“value1”,value2”,…}

Cheers @Karthikeyan34

Thanks @Palaniyappan…But my output AS STRING WHICH IS IN A VARIABLE while declaring that in array row property .Error : String cant be converted to one dimensional string of array

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we need to mention like this

if possible can i have a view on the add datarow property panel if possible
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can you please do me favor by creating a data table as a replica to this…

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sir @Palaniyappan

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Yes you were almost done
–if User_ID_Info is the only value going to be added to the datatable
then mention like this {out_id.ToString}

–then in buil datatable activity create a column (single column and remove the another column with int32 type as usually build datatable activity will two column by default one string and one int32, remove that int32)

–now get the output from the build datatable activity with a variable of type datatable named outdt
–now use add data row activity and mention the same you have

Cheers @Karthikeyan34

Sir i want to add 5 columns in the data table even though i mentioned
Assing : User_info = out_id.tostring The error didnt got cleared

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no worries
kindly share your xaml with project.json file zipped together
and share with any sample excel as well
Cheers @Karthikeyan34

Sir this is my input file from email

Agent name: FOCAPPPHQ10_AGNT

Completion code(if applied): 189

%PRIORITY=3 - Moderate

%GROUP=Business Intelligence


This should be my output

I want to take this details from the mail and fill that in a table also in one column want to mention the current date and time…can you please help me with this sir @Palaniyappan