I want to create a program that handles bills that come to uipath Outlook

I want to use click activity every time I open a new mail, but when you set up a click activity by specifying a range in your application browser activity, at first, I click repeatedly only the mail specified in your application browser. Is there a way to click the range using only the specified characters?

For example, if you include the word tax invoice, click…

What I made is that I create a folder on pc for mail that I didn’t read in Outlook, and I run all the mail in the folder using invoke power shell.
I would like to click the word of the tax invoice in the mail after that whenever the mail opens.


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I see you want to automate mails and attachments in it…then you have dedicated mail activities to use on your outlook and get data fromit and save it as needed

Can you please try to search for mail in activities if you dont find then first go to manage pckages and install UiPath.mail.activites and then try again


UiPath.mail.activity is already installed.

Well what I want is is there a way to automatically click on a specific character or image of the content every time I open Outlook mail?

When you use application browser activity → click activity, only the specified mail is clicked. I want to click specific characters in the following mail in sequence.


If that is already installed as mentioned for outlook it is not advised to use ui activities…please use mail activities and check

and depending on which area to click etc…you can extract that from email