I want to copy texts from a website which has blocked screen recording. What should I do?



Suppose a website has blocked screen recording or screen scraping. All we can do is select by dragging mouse left click and then either ctrl+c or right click & copy. So what is the activity for that?

Note: I’ve already tried GetText,GetTrigger, ClickText etc. All are firstly showing “Indicate Element on Screen” which is recording and I don’t want. So is there any other option?


For example I want to copy this red marked area


Try with send hotkey Ctrl+c,And paste it in notepad with send hotkey Ctrl+v and check if it works


@sreekanth It is the next step. But first I have to reach the page I want to work on nah? Which is not possible without using indicate on screen option.


we can copy text . try copy text activity


How can we select text @sara_s to copy to clipboard


use this copy text option



Hi @Soumik17

Not positive Amazon is where you’re trying to scrape from but their sites are typically the most friendly to scrape so not sure why you think scraping is blocked.

I notice from your screenshot you’re using Firefox. Have you installed the Firefox extension? If it’s not installed, the site may appear to not allow scraping.

Just a thought.




Sir you didn’t get my question. Of course Amazon is probably the easiest site to scrape but I don’t want to use the ‘indicate on screen’ or any four types of recording at all. I want to select a particular text segment by the conventional mouse left click drag and then use ctrl+c. But every activity is starting the recorder option first



Ma’am I tried this activity in the first instance. But CopyText activity is also nothing but recording. I want to copy only text, not a screen segment like the recorder does. Like the given pic. Anyway, thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh. So you want to manually select the text with a front office robot?



Yessss :sweat_smile: