I want to compare my value to combobox dropdown values(windows application)

I am using windows application not web forms.
I have a string str=“asdf”.
Want to check whether the combobox dropdown list have this value or not.
str = (comboboxValues)


You can use a Try Catch Block with Select Item.

In the select item pass that str value to the combobox, if it is not there then it will throw an error, in the catch you can get that and conclude that the str is not available in the combobox.

One way i check is to use GetFullText (should give you all items in the list as single string, need to split on new line to create a list or array) and then use the matches activity with whichever keyword you are trying to find.

This way you can ignore case also as Select Item is specific with capitalisation etc.

I get Answer with help of getfull Text Activity.

Thanks to all…

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