I want to compare excel data with text file

Hello community i have one business scenario where i have one input excel file in that having multiple ATMID for each atm id i have separate text file and i want to check transaction details like TXN Number, ATM ID,TXN Date, Card number and TXN Amount in each text files .
for example if ATM ID is SPCNR015 i want check in text file like these i want to check for each ATMID .
for every ATM ID there is separate

text file
it would be great if anyone can help me .
i am attaching input excel file and one text file screenshot for your reference
Thank you in advance

Let me know if anyone can suggest me

Please if anyone can suggest me for the solution how would i do that …it would be great

use ReadTextFile Activity to read the txt file.(Var called txt)
Then Read Excel file (Var called dt_Excel)
Use For each row in datatable activity
i)Get ATMID=Currentrow(“ATM ID”).tostring
ii)If txt.contains(ATMID)
Try this…Let me know if you have any doubts

problem is there are multiple text file for multiple ATM ID how i read each text file in that case
and how bot which atm id for which text file

can anyone from community please help me to resolve

Each ATMId contains one text file, right? How does the text file look likes?

i have added screenshot above please check even i highlighted the fields i needed

Hello @Akash_Javalekar ,
You can use each data table and read the text file by using the name of file.
By using the regex condition you can pass the ATMID and can get the Green marked text from the file.

how bot know which text file is for which atmid in the excel once atm id is matched i want to compare other details like txn number,card number & txn date for every row in excel
can you explain step by step how i do this?

Each Text file has a unique name.
It’s maybe the ATMID is the file name. Based on it, you can loop the file for each row.
Whats the text file name of the above screenshot you mentioned?

like atmid for each file like SPCNR015 it can also txn number also

@Akash_Javalekar ,
If all are in the same folder, read the text file and use it based on Currentrow like
For each loop based on ATMID, the bot will read the corresponding Text file

can i share my excel file and 3 sample text file ?

can you tell me what activities shall i use?

  • Read Range workbook
  • For each row data table
  • Assign activity
  • Read text file activity

Sure, it help us to provide better solution for you

EJ log 3.docx (12.6 KB)
EJ log file 2.docx (12.5 KB)
EJ log file.docx (12.5 KB)
Input_Excel.xlsx (10.1 KB)

i have attached excel and 3 text file and i want to compare card number,atmid,txn number and amount from input excel with the text file

u can mailed me to this mail id akashjavalekar02@gmai.com

@Akash_Javalekar , Whats the Exact File name of text document Is it EJ log file 1 2 3 or ATMID?

Filename will be ATMID