I want to click on last four view btn

i want to click on last 4 view btn of last column

Excel sheet has emails inputs
Put email click submit , then
Person details appear , then have to click last 4 view button, and scrap the details and save to excel,

But it work by using the selector tabelrow ,
But somehow it not work with some email , it only click 1st and 2nd view btn and then show error that ui element not found ( view btn )


What do the selectors look like? The best way to achieve this is to use a find children/descendants activity to retrieve all “View” UI elements. Then loop through the collection of elements and get the attribute that reflects the row number. From there, compare all the attributes retrieved and only click the UI element that has the largest value.

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Could you please give me the steps how to do

check the selector and change the selectors dynamiclly…
once send me the snap of selector so that can tell more clearly

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