I want to click last 4 , every time when new records get added

i want to click on last 4 view btn of last column

Excel sheet has emails inputs
Put email click submit , then
Person details appear , then have to click last 4 view button, and scrap the details and save to excel,

But it work by using the selector tabelrow ,
But somehow it not work with some email , it only click 1st and 2nd view btn and then show error that ui element not found ( view btn )

Get the table using extract data table and get the row counts. Check the selectors to see if there are some row nos / idx or any incrementing attribute. Make that attribute dynamic and use the last 4 rows from the row count.

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Hi @Sanket_RPA

Understand the uielement structure of any 2 view buttons using UI explorer.
Differentiate if they have any unique attribute like rowname or column or idx, you will understand what to do then.

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